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Exclusive, contemporary and modern. Creating unity. Stained glass, custom made. The highly experienced glaziers know how to realize the stained glass artworks of the clients in a balanced way. The Glaziers make much more of your stained glass than the old craft alone. Together they work purposefully on your suitable project. With an eye for detail and striving that perfection is not good enough, the designers create total experiences, quirky, surprising, practical, provided with durable, robust and timeless materials and colors.

Due to sincere interest and open communication, both the clients and the glaziers rarely encounter any surprises in the collaboration process. A process in which the client is central. From the sketch to the introductory meeting, from the technical preconditions to pricing. Everything with the same goal: To achieve the impossible. works of art that make you think over and over again: This is unique, this is mine!


An important point in every successful project is the introduction to the client, in which we discuss your wishes and ideas. Based on this, the glaziers coordinate a personal design. With beautiful lines, symmetry and the use of appropriate materials and colors, they complete the project.
De Glazeniers think along with you and realize your ideas.

Together they work in a number of phases from global to detailed, whereby the client is well informed about the extensive options, technical preconditions and pricing. All necessary matters are clearly presented and are ultimately processed into a unique product.

The glaziers store the latest trends and the smallest details and apply them if it suits the client. In their extensive experience they are now specialized in modern stained glass art projects.

Traditional work is also well known to the glaziers. They therefore have an extensive way of thinking in making old, suitable stained glass artworks.


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